Back-up heater for heating heat pump

Thermowatt/ Products/ Water heating elements/ Flow heater
Complete heating solution
Tailor-made solution
Full range of accessories


  • Electric flow-through heater, technological solution to support the clean energy sources heating challenge
  • Complete heating solution for easy integration into heat pump module
  • Customizable heating performance (e.g., multi-stage power, single-phase or three-phase, element material and shape)
  • Customizable tank shape and hydraulic connections
  • Full range of accessories: functional and safety thermostats, thermal insulation, power cable, fixing system, sensor pocket and valve connection
Tank diameter 60 mm / 70 mm / 80 mm / 90 mm
Tank length From 200 mm to 750 mm
Tank material AISI 304 / Copper
Hydraulic connections type, dimension and position According to Customer specification
Element quantity From 1 to 3
Element shape Spiral / U-shape
Element material Stainless steel (AISI) / High grade nickel alloy (INCOLOY) / Copper
Element diameter 6,25 mm / 8,5 mm
Rated voltage Up to 240 V single-phase or up to 480 V three-phase, according to Customer specification
Rated power Up to 15 kW, according to Customer specification
Surface load Up to 25 W/cm^2, depending on heat transfer medium
Electrical connection Faston terminals / Power cable, according to Customer specification
Temperature control According to Customer specification
Sensor pocket According to Customer specification
Thermal insulation According to Customer specification
Fixing system According to Customer specification
Valve connection According to Customer specification