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InstallerSHOW 2024

JUNE 2024

Thermowatt participates at InstallerSHOW 2024 from June 25th to 27th in Birmingham!

Building on a decade of experience in designing, testing, and manufacturing of immersion heaters and thermostats as strategic technological partner for the major UK hot water cylinder manufactures, Thermowatt participates at InstallerSHOW 2024 presenting the Italian brand to a wide audience of technicians, installers, and end users.


Beyond the core business of immersion heaters and thermostats to attain the highest energy efficiency standards and certifications, Thermowatt is ready to launch the new TMEC Wi-Fi product range in the UK market.

Beware of imitation! The TMEC Wi-Fi product range is the only ORIGINAL EVOLUTION of Thermowatt immersion heaters and TMEC 2 thermostats, designed for people who wish to upgrade their own cylinder, making it smart and taking its full control always and everywhere thanks to the MyThermowatt APP.


The TMEC Wi-Fi Immersion Heater is the technological and innovative solution that provides to the end user all the info and the assistance to manage domestic hot water vented or unvented cylinders, without any compromise between comfort and savings: heating element, controls and Wi-Fi module are fully integrated in a complete solution.


The TMEC Wi-Fi Retrofit Kit is the accessory for owners of cylinders already equipped with Thermowatt SMART Immersion Heater (*) to replace the Thermowatt TMEC 2 Thermostat.


The TMEC Wi-Fi Thermostat is the control patented by Thermowatt that, thanks to the self-learning ECO mode with ErP compliant SMART algorithm, has the possibility to record the end user habits and adapt the water temperature accordingly. Thanks to the PROGRAMMING (AUTO) mode, the user can also easily set up the desired weekly heating cycle by remote.


The Wi-Fi Module integrated in the cap and the MyThermowatt APP allow different users to be always connected with the same cylinder, and at the same time a single user with different cylinders, managing the water heater, getting notifications about its status, and thus increasing energy consumption awareness.


(*) Model numbers: 3402106, 3402107, 000003402106, 000003402107, 3402029, 3402053, 3402060, 3402061, 3402098.


For more details on TMEC Wi-Fi product range, click here.

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