Technology is our driving force, resulting from continuous research and development in three advanced R&D centers worldwide

Thermowatt/ Competences/ Innovation development
Co-design of tailor made solution

Cooperation with our Customers to co-design tailor made solutions which ensure best fit to requested performance, reliability and safety features

New product development

Continuous innovation driven by evolving market trends and regulations leading to new product development and patented solutions (~15 new patents in the last 5 years and ~3% of yearly revenues invested in R&D)

Continuous product improvement

Advanced technology research mixing diverse competences (mechanical, electronic, material, etc.) to continuously improve our products, leading to:


  • Higher reliability and safety
  • Enhanced functionalities
  • Easier installation and use
  • Reduction of energy consumption and environmental impact
  • Quick prototyping of products to assess product feasibility and enable necessary testing at Thermowatt and Customer premises
  • The most advanced prototyping techniques (laser cutting, plastic and metallic additive manufacturing, etc.) to increase the responsiveness without compromising accuracy
  • Specific team dedicated exclusively to managing, producing and shipping prototypes

Full range of:


  • Laboratory tests of raw materials and semi-finished products (e.g., corrosion test, humidity controlled test, x-ray, roughness, hardness and metallographic test, glow-wire test, etc.)
  • Life and stress tests of Thermowatt products assembled on the final application and simulation of different working conditions (e.g., water hardness, pH, voltage)
  • Performance testing of Thermowatt products assembled on specific Customer applications (e.g., heating efficacy testing, energy efficiency, safety)
Product homologation and certification

Thermowatt Lab accreditation to autonomously homologate and certify Customer products according to different regulations:


  • IEC 60730-1, IEC 60730-2-9 (IMQ approval as CTF2 Customer Testing Facilities)
  • SASO 2884 (SASO approval as SASO official Certificate EE LAB 0113)
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for accredited tests EN 50440, SASO 2884, Reg. EU 812, Reg. EU 814 (ACCREDIA approval as Testing Laboratory N° 1799 L)