Capillary single-pole thermostat with bi-polar bulb safety cut-out

Thermowatt/ Applications/ Water heaters/ Thermostats/ TBSB
Integrated failsafe safety device
Maximum installation flexibility
High sensitivity


  • Bulb failsafe safety
  • Max safety temperature 120 °C
  • Adjustable functional temperature with customizable external knob
  • Max functional temperature 90 °C
  • Easy cabling
  • Customizable functional and safety capillaries length

Functional disconnection Unipolar
Safety disconnection Bi-polar
Safety cut-out technology Bulb
Safety reset Manual
Failsafe Yes
Max room temperature 105 °C
Rated current / voltage 20 A / 240 V or 16 A / 250 V or 10 A / 400 V
Functional temperature (factory setting) From 10 °C to 90 °C, according to Customer specification
Safety cut-out temperature (factory setting) From 50 °C to 120 °C, according to Customer specification
Functional temperature hysteresis 8 °C +/- 4 °C
Functional capillary lenght 400 mm / 550 mm / 800 mm
Safety capillary lenght 400 mm / 550 mm / 800 mm
Capillary material Copper
Functional bulb lenght 100 mm
Functional bulb diameter 6 mm
Safety bulb lenght 55 mm
Safety bulb diameter 6 mm
Electrical connection to heating element Faston terminals 6,3 mm x 0,8 mm


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US and CANADA Product security
EUROPE Product security