Temperature digital display

Thermowatt/ Applications/ Water heaters/ Electronics/ TDD
High temperature sensibility
Customizable software
User friendly
Tailor-made solution
Maximum installation flexibility


  • High precision temperature measurement

  • Wide display for better visibility

  • Customizable aesthetic design and dimensions

  • Slim solution for quick and easy assembly in Customer application

  • Easy cabling with Thermowatt heating element and mechanical stem thermostat

  • Suitable for use with all mechanical stem and capillary thermostats

  • Embedded indicator to inform about the heating element status

  • Alert device in case of abnormal conditions (e.g., water heater’s dry heating)

  • Display blinking in case of temperature above the maximum allowed value (e.g., 98 °C for water heater according to EN 60335 regulatory standard)

Board dimension​

95mm x 40mm​ x 15mm, according to Customer specification

Digital display​ type

2-digit, according to Customer specification

Digital display dimension

25mm x 35mm / 19mm x 25mm​, according to Customer specification

Standard display colour

Red / Blue / White, according to Customer specification

Max room temperature

70 °C​

Rated voltage

230 V / 240 V


NTC sensor​

Probe tolerance​

±1 °C​

Probe wiring length​

600 mm​, according to Customer specification

Electrical connection​ to thermostat

According to Customer specification

Fixing system​

Screws / Plastic snaps​