Single pole single throw capillary thermostat with bi-polar bulb cut-out and manual reset




  • Precise temperature control and fast reaction time
  • Wide variety of temperature ranges customized to requirements
  • Factory pre-set fixed temperature, OEM adjustable or end-user knob adjustable temperature
  • Temperature regulation and safety cut-out

Technical Specifications


Thermostat type

Capillary thermostat (liquid expansions thermostat)
Functional cut-off Unipolar
Safety cut-out Bi-polar bulb cut-out
Safety reset Manual
Max temperature value T 105°C
Insulation Class Class I
Electrical nominal tension 16A 250V AC; 20A 250V AC; 10A 400V AC
Max functional value According to Customer specification (Max 90°C)
Max safety value According to Customer specification (Max 120°C)
Temperature selection range From 20°C to Max
Thermic differencial 8°C +/- 4
Functional capillary lenght From 550mm up to 1.500mm
Safety capillary lenght From 550mm up to 1.500mm
Capillary Diameter 1,8 - 2,0mm
Capillary Terminal Straight; coiled
PVC tube lenght According to Customer specification
Material of Capillary Copper or stainless Steel
Spindle height 5 - 13mm 
Spindle diameter 6mm
Bulb lenght 100mm
Bulb diameter 6mm
Electrical connection Flat connection 6,3x0,8mm
Assembly Screw M4


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