Mechatronic thermostat for water heaters


Mechatronic thermostat for water heaters

Thermowatt has always been synonymous of thermostat and it is well-known all over the world for the quality, safety and reliability of its products.

Designed on the basis of the electromechanical rod-type model and integrated with an electronic programmable board, T-MEC is the unique thermostat for electric water heaters and boilers with reliable mechanical heart and advanced electronic control. T-MEC boasts of two patented solutions:


Thermowatt PLUS system in mechanical safety;
•  Thermowatt FLEX system in the positioning of the NTC probe.

The T-MEC is ENEC approved according to the EN60730-1 and EN60730-2-9 Directives.

Combining the reliability of mechanical safety and the enanched functionalitites and precision of electroninic technology T-MEC can offer unique functionalitites:

SMART FUNCTION - Energy saving T-MEC represents the evolution of the Thermowatt thermostats range. It has been designed in the perspective of the European  Regulations ERP (Energy Related Products) , in order to respond to energy savings requirements.

ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITIES - Versatility and programmability. The sophisticated electronic board allows integrating the pure thermostating function of the device with other functions, customizable upon customers’ demand.

MECHANICAL SAFETY - High reliability The safety function is performed by the consolidated PLUS mechanical system, where Thermowattcan boast long-term experience and strong know-how build up on a production of more 200 million pieces.

EASY CONNECTION – Interchangeability. The shape and the compact size of the product are studied to assure an easy and fast installation with all sheatedheating elements manufactured by Thermowatt.

four pillars, for constantly evolving ideas.

& Experience

After 50 years of developing high quality electric heating elements and thermostats we reached a unique know-how.

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Continuous investments and listening to the customer needs are key to a company policy aimed at constant innovation.

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Our support starts during the product design and goes on, step by step, till the after-sale.

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Our Full Reliability Approach guarantees best in class products certified by the major international institutes.

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