Electric Ovens


Electric Ovens

Thermowatt heating elements for cooking appliance are mainly thermostat and heating elements, essential elements of electric ovens, ensuring the correct temperature and homogeneous heating for cooking food.

Thermowatt is among a select few worldwide market leaders capable of developing and providing a full range of thermostats and heating elements for domestic ovens. Our Customers experience the simplicity of having a unique supplier for both heating elements and thermostats designed as a “system product” to ensure high performance.


Our Products are well known all over the world for their quality, safety and reliability and are certified by the most prestigious international institutes such as VDE, UL, IMQ. With over 50 years of experience in the field of thermostats and heating elements, Thermowatt has acquired unique experience and developed the most comprehensive portfolio of products to match Customers’ requirements worldwide.

The external tube of the heating elements plays a key role in disposing of the heat to the outside to ensure the duration of the product. The operating environment does not produce corrosive effects so the choice of steel depends on the temperatures reached. In the range of heating elements for cooking, the choice of materials is also geared toward food use, in accordance with the sector reference standards. The seal-in systems adopted always guarantee proper electrical insulation and an excellent performance, even at high temperatures.

SICUT is a Thermowatt technology used for sealing the heating element to be used in cooking appliances. It is based on the use of a conic cylinder made of Teflon, which is pressed between the electric terminal and the sides of the tube element. Deep in the tube, the Teflon cylinder is also pressed against the magnesium oxide to avoid the formation of a small pit that can hold humidity. This technology significantly improves the performance of the heating element, working against the absorption of humidity.

The absorption of humidity in the heating element is one of the main reasons that cause heaters to short circuit when the oven is first turned on, since the finished goods are held in storage for long periods.

SICUT sealing technology ensures good performance during operation, thanks to the heat that softens the sealing parts. This allows the heaters to “breathe”, making them more reliable. Moreover, this technology protects the heaters against bumps and handling during production or installation. The use of the Teflon cylinder guarantees the minimum distance between the electric part and the external tube, in accordance with prevailing regulations on electric insulation.

UPPER ELEMENT + GRILL: The heating elements used in the top of the oven generally comprise the upper and grill elements, characterized by two different methods of cooking in the oven. These two heating elements are frequently manufactured and assembled on the same support (flange) as a single product. The upper heating elements have a specific surface load of 3-4 W/cm2 and the specific surface load of the grill heating elements is 5-6 W/cm2. These values determine the working temperature of the heating elements and are fundamental in the choice of materials to be used in the internal spiral and the steel of the external tube.

BOTTOM ELEMENT: The heating elements used in the bottom part of the oven casing work at low electric power and a single heating element is used. Typical values of the surface load are between 3-4 W/cm2. The geometry of the elements generally reflects the lower part of the oven casing, to encourage the natural convection of the air inside.

VENTILATED OVEN: The heating element has a round shape and follows the air blowing profile of the fan.

Thermowatt has developed a complete range of capillary thermostats for domestic electric ovens to respond to Customers' demand for thermostats with safety and reliability guaranteed by a sector specialist.

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