Commercial Laundry appliances

Most commercial laundry appliances use an electric heating element in order to heat the water and / or air needed to wash, dry and iron clothes.

Thermowatt operates in the commercial laundry appliances sector with a wide range of tubular heating elements, designed and customized to meet Customer requirements for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, washer / dryers.


In the commercial laundry appliances sector it is essential to guarantee enhanced appliance performance and strong durability, to avoid inconveniences to end clients’ business activities. Through our R&D centre and our Advanced Testing Laboratories, we support our Customers in choosing the right material and design of heating elements for their Appliances, leveraging our competence and lengthy experience in this field.

Our Products are well known all over the world for their quality, safety and reliability and are certified by the most prestigious institutes such as VDE, UL,IMQ. With over 50 years of experience in the field of thermostats and heating elements, Thermowatt has acquired unique experience and developed the most comprehensive portfolio of products to match Customers’ requirements worldwide.

These heating elements, which are manufactured in stainless steel, titanium and special alloys of chrome and nickel steel, are produced for commercial laundry applications fitted with thermal self protection devices, thanks to a thermofuser series-connected with the heating element. Thermowatt uses thermofuses with expositions up to 200 Celsius.

Thermowatt laboratory tests have shown the high reliability of the component at temperatures of up to 250 Celsius. The structure of the selected components and the right technical specifications ensure excellent technical, electromechanical and anticorrosive qualities. Furthermore, a good knowledge of corrosive phenomena in hard and/or chlorinated water is essential to properly design immersion heaters.

The choice of more suitable materials and the use of standardised building methods allow Thermowatt to provide an excellent level of product quality and reliability in mass production processes, according to the certificates issued by the most prestigious international institutes, such as VDE, UL,IMQ.

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& Experience

After 50 years of developing high quality electric heating elements and thermostats we reached a unique know-how.

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Continuous investments and listening to the customer needs are key to a company policy aimed at constant innovation.

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360° Support

Our support starts during the product design and goes on, step by step, till the after-sale.

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Quality, Reliability and Safety

Our Full Reliability Approach guarantees best in class products certified by the major international institutes.

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